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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have a gun to attend the license to carry class?

No, if you do not have a gun, you can rent a gun at the gun range.

2. Is any part of the training, including the shooting, outdoors or is it all indoors? ​

The class is conducted at an indoor gun range.

3. Are the students social distancing in the class and the maximum number in attendance?

The gun range requires everyone to wear a mask while at the range.  The max number of students will be 10-12 for each class.

4. What does the price of the course include?

The course is a combined course of basic firearms training and the Texas license to carry. The course is designed for new shooters who want to learn how to safely operate their firearms and gain their LTC card. The course begins with a review of firearms safety, range rules shooting terminology, and moves quickly into shooting skills development. The LTC portions will the Texas laws governing LTC holders, safe gun storage, use of force, and non-violent dispute resolution.

5. Is there ammunition available to purchase at the gun range?

Yes, you can purchase ammunition at the gun range.

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